FOUNDER of MICI & MICI Girls Magazines, Ruah Retreat, Recalibrated Coaching & The Dream Lab
FOr CLOSE TO two decades
I’ve taught the impact our Identity Thinking has on our expectations and therefore our real-world results.

Many God-loving individuals, live far below the ABUNDANT LIFE that Christ came to give us. This isn’t just a financial thing, but a whole-of-life thing.


Information isn’t our problem – INTEGRATION is!

My expertise is in equipping you with the Identity Tools, and Spiritual Laws God created for us to use – so we can create and LIVE the Abundant, Purposed, Impactful Life we’re designed to live.

There is MORE! Up-level your life, your faith, and your awareness of what’s possible for YOU!

If you’re ready to LIVE LIFE that way – I’ll help you move towards it!

Proverbs 4:7 TPT says, Wisdom is the most valuable commodity—so buy it! Revelation-knowledge is what you need—so invest in it!
Janelle Knox

Connecting you to the truth of WHO YOU ARE is A privilege …

Working with purpose-driven, high-performing teams and individuals, Janelle’s expertise is in helping others (re)connect with the truth of WHO THEY ARE, so they live life with greater purpose, impact, and success.

These self-led leaders and individuals have a deep desire to improve in all areas of their lives and are dedicated to their personal and professional growth – looking to expand the boundaries of what’s possible for their faith, life and business.

Janelle teaches a proven methodology based on more than 60 years of real-world experience, known to spark dramatic change in goal performance and achievement.

A global consultant with PGI Institute, Janelle loves nothing more than leading ordinary people to live an enriched and impactful life while creating extraordinary results.

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